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Bank of Scotland Buildings, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0EB

Estate Agency & Conveyancing

Whether you are selling or buying your property, Tait & Peterson are here to assist you. It is important to us that we provide you with an efficient and professional quality service. By consulting us at the earliest possible date, we can help ensure that the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible. We can also identify and advise on any potential problems which might affect or delay completion.

Selling Property

We aim to market and convey your property in the most effective manner. Our service includes:-

1. Advising on how and where to obtain a Home Report;

2. Visiting your property to obtain details, measurements and photographs to be included in our Sale Particulars;

3. Advising on how best to present your property to potential viewers (there is much you can do to maximise its appeal and viewers' first impressions are crucial);

4. Advertising the property on our website, in the local press and in our Property Window display on Commercial Street;

5. Setting a "closing date" for offers, reporting to you on offers received, discussing with you in detail the terms of the successful offer, subsequently issuing a formal qualified

6. Acceptance to the buyer's solicitor, exhibiting title deeds and searches and in time (typically 3-4 weeks) entering into a concluded contract with the buyer's Solicitor;

7. Advising on what further documentation will need to be seen by the buyer's Solicitor, e.g. planning consents, building warrants and completion certificates for any structural works carried out, extensions, re-roofings, central heating installation etc.

8. Carrying out all conveyancing work required to complete the transaction, including redemption of any mortgage on the property.

Purchasing Property

Our aim is to make your purchase as simple and stress-free as possible. Our service includes:-

1. Discussing with you how you will finance the purchase, from savings, mortgage or both? If you require a mortgage, have you discussed it with your lender and do you have its agreement in principle to make a loan offer or a mortgage promise?

2. Discussing with you whether you or your lender require an additional survey or valuation bearing in mind that a Single Survey will be included in the seller's Home Report;

3. Formally noting your interest in any advertised property with the seller's Solicitor. Should a closing date be fixed for offers to be submitted, this should ensure that you are advised of the date and have an opportunity to offer;

4. Submitting a formal offer on your behalf and, if successful, subsequently discussing with you in detail the qualified acceptance, title deeds, title searches and other relevant documentation exhibited by the seller's Solicitor;

5. Drafting the Disposition (transfer deed) and adjusting its terms with the seller's Solicitor;

6. Acting on behalf of your lender (if appropriate) in preparing the mortgage deed (called a Standard Security) and obtaining your signature before submitting our report on title and request for the loan funds prior to completion;

7. Settling the transaction by paying the purchase price to the seller's Solicitor and receiving in exchange the signed Disposition, title deeds and other documentation and, most importantly, the keys to the property;

8. Arranging payment of Land & Buildings Transaction Tax (if any), registration in the Land Register of Scotland in Edinburgh of the Disposition and Standard Security (if any) and providing you in due course with copies of the Title Sheet issued by the Land Register.

9. Reminding you to arrange buildings insurance to commence no later than the date of entry.


Tait & Peterson have many years of extensive experience and have established a professional reputation of which we are justifiably proud.

If you require advice or more information, please contact us