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Family Law

This is an area of law which needs particularly careful handling and Tait & Peterson take pride in their sympathetic and understanding approach to clients requiring this service. However we do not undertake Legal Aid work.

Protecting your rights without aggravating the other party is a very difficult balance and demands particular sensitivity from your advisors and representatives.

Animosity between the parties can tend to prolong matters and can thereby incur considerable legal costs, particularly if a dispute leads to court proceedings. It is important to examine each individual's particular circumstances and try to achieve conciliation, if appropriate, so that a line of communication can be kept open between the parties.

There are often matters which are best dealt with by agreement between those involved so this important aspect should never be overlooked.


The law involving children covers a vast area including: Adoptions, Aliment, Residence Orders (formerly called "Custody") Contact Orders (formerly called "Access") Age of Legal Capacity all of which may be contentious, and areas where skilled and experienced advisors can provide valuable assistance. If we feel that we are unable to offer the required specialist advice, we can refer you to other legal firms who are able to do so.


Agreements can be drawn up to determine how assets are to be shared sensibly or divided in the event of a failed relationship.


How quickly can this be completed? What are my rights and responsibilities? These, along with other questions, are quite common and careful and wise advice can save a lot of heartache in the long run. We can assist you throughout the process of divorce and attempt to make a difficult experience less painful. Mediation Scotland website-

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