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Many aspects of legal work can be completed without having to attend a court. However, you may find yourself involved in matters which can only be resolved by a formal hearing held in court. While this is not the main area of our practice, we may be able to assist you, or we may be able to refer you to another firm which does specialize in court work, either in Shetland or on the Mainland.

Litigation issues will be either civil or criminal and you will need to obtain expert help and advice. In all instances you should seek advice as early as possible, as the legal procedures involved in court work can be bewildering and difficult and there are fixed time limits for responding to court summons etc. Failure to respond in time can result in judgement against you.

Civil Cases

These may arise over a wide range of areas of life such as adoption, divorce, debt, guardianship, industrial tribunals, breach of contract, unfair dismissal or you may perhaps be required to appear in someone else's action. It is our responsibility and privilege to provide advice and assistance to those faced with such unfamiliar situations.

Criminal Cases

These occur as a result of prosecution. The offence may have involved violence, theft, road traffic infringements, environmental damage such as oil spills or many other illegal acts. If you are involved as the accused in a criminal case, you will need not only expert advice but also experienced advocates to present your evidence and handle the various stages of the action, so that your interests are fully and individually represented.

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